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ChatGPT Outline Generator

Generate SEO Content Powered by ChatGPT

SEO Content Outline

Easily create an SEO outline for your content with our ChatGPT Chrome Extension.

SEO Title Tag

Easily create an SEO title tags for your content with our ChatGPT Chrome Extension.

SEO Meta Description

Easily create an SEO meta description for your content with our ChatGPT Chrome Extension.

Rewrite Content Outline

Analyze your competitors' heading structure and ask ChatGPT to rewrite a unique outline.

Search Intent

Describe the user journey and search intent with the support of ChatGPT.

Content Summariser (Soon)

Summarize your article based on SERP data and the defined content outline.

Leverage ChatGPT within a powerful SEO Brief Workflow

Define your topic and audience

Start by selecting how your audience will search for a specifc topic.

Gather information from the Google SERP in seconds

Proceed with a pre-populated content brief containing crucial data gathered from your competitors, created automatically.

Build your content outline by referencing top content structures

Easily find inspiration by browsing your competitors' content and quickly create an optimized content outline with just a few clicks.

Share the brief with your team

Enhance collaboration with your writing team through shared content briefs.

Accelerate your Content Creation with our Content Briefs Tool

Begin with pre-populated templates and use competitors' content to construct the ideal outline.

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Seamlessly Integrate ChatGPT with thruuu Content Brief Generator

Learn how to make the most of the ChatGPT Chrome extension and how to install it.

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Outline Editor

Create the perfect content structure by starting with an automatically generated outline or by analyzing your competitors' content structures.

Brief Elements Library

Utilize elements like Writer Directive, SERP Analysis, Article Summary, and Content Outline in your content brief to kickstart your content workflow smoothly.

Brief Templates

Create content brief templates that are tailored to your exact needs using our 15+ customizable elements.

Export to Doc

Easily export your content brief to a doc format.

Share your briefs with your writers

Easily share your content briefs with your writers for seamless collaboration and a streamlined workflow.

Unleash the Potential of ChatGPT for Faster Content Creation

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Write better content briefs with our powerful features

Content Outline Builder

Easily create an SEO optimized outline for your content with our Content Outline Builder.

Custom Brief Templates

Create custom brief templates to fit your specific content needs.

Competitors' Heading Structures

Analyze and replicate your competitors' heading structure for effective SEO.

Most Frequent Questions

Discover the most frequently asked questions in your niche for effective content creation.

Popular Keywords and Topics

Identify keywords and topics to develop an effective SEO and content strategy.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Easily insert AI generated text snippets into your content brief to save time and improve consistency.

Automatic data extraction from Google

Automatically extract valuable data from Google to improve your content strategy.

Export brief to Doc

Easily export your content brief to a doc file for seamless sharing and editing.

Share briefs with your team

Easily share your content briefs with your team to improve collaboration and productivity.

Achieve higher Google rankings

With thruuu, save hours of SERP analysis to understand what Google values most for each query and to create content that generates better SEO results.

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