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Our SEO Audit Tool compares your webpages to competitors, examining on-page metrics. Receive actionable optimization insights to rise in the SERP ranking


Streamline Content Optimization with Automated Analysis & Recommendations

Start with a detailed SERP analysis

Kick off your journey with a comprehensive SERP analysis. Start by entering a keyword, followed by your preferred country, language, and Google search engine.

Page-to-SERP content analysis

Gain insights from competitors' on-page data. Enhance your content, improve relevance, and boost your search engine rankings with valuable information from the SERP.

Explore the audit and act on recommendations

Leverage thorough analysis to identify areas for improvement and implement actionable recommendations for better search engine performance.

Share the audit and refresh your content

Streamline teamwork by easily sharing audit results with team members. Implement recommended optimizations for improved search engine visibility and maximize the impact of your content.

Refresh Your Content using Real SERP Data

Update Your Content with Personalized Recommendations

thruuu's Page Audit examines your headings, title, and content structure to provide personalized recommendations.

Analyze Your Page Against SERP Metrics

Gain a competitive edge by analyzing your page alongside top-ranking competitors in Google search results. Uncover insights to refine your strategy and outshine the competition.

Enhance Content Structure for Optimal Performance

Refine your content structure with headings that align with high-performing SERP pages. Utilize thruuu's recommendations to create well-organized, search engine-optimized content.

Unleash AI-Powered Insights to Elevate Your Strategy

Elevate your content strategy with the invaluable assistance of ChatGPT's AI-powered recommendations. Our innovative feature seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT, enabling you to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of this cutting-edge language model.

Identify Missing Frequent Keywords

Identify essential keywords your competitors rank for but your content lacks. Optimize your pages to capture more organic traffic and improve search visibility.

Strategize with PAA & Related Search Insights

Optimize your content by aligning with People Also Ask (PAA) and Related Search queries. Strategically address user queries and improve content effectiveness.

Share Audit Insights

Promote collaboration by effortlessly sharing audit insights with your team members or clients. Align strategies and boost your content approach.

Customize and Share Professional Reports with Our Whitelabel Option

Deliver tailored, brand-specific reports using our white-label option. Present expert SEO analysis while showcasing your brand identity.

For Google SERP analysis, page audits, and SEO insights, thruuu is one of our agency's go-to platforms. It’s also an essential tool in the topic clustering process. What I love about thruuu is how easy it is to use, while being overloaded with useful data. thruuu helps us to achieve a streamlined content creation workflow, and I strongly recommend it to any SEO or content marketing team.
Tom Shapiro
CEO of Stratabeat
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