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Just enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze, and our tool will quickly scan the content of the page to identify the frequency of keywords used. You'll receive a detailed report that shows the top keywords on the page, along with the number of times each keyword appears.

Discover Your Competitor's Top Keywords with our Advanced NLP-Powered SEO Tools

Our tool utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing technology to extract valuable insights from your competitor's websites on Google SERP. With thruuu's SERP Analysis Tool, you can analyze your competitor's content and optimize your own website to drive more traffic and improve your search engine rankings. Upgrade to our paid tools today and gain a competitive edge in the world of SEO.

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Features designed to make you a better SEO strategist

Scrape any Google SERP

Scrape and gather data from any Google SERP with ease for deeper analysis and insights.

Export Google search results to Excel

Easily export and organize Google search results into an Excel file for further analysis and storage.

Get word count

Quickly check the average word count for SERP results to improve your SEO strategy.

Extract frequent questions and topic

Discover the most frequently asked questions and topics from SERP results.

Build outline automatically

Effortlessly organize your content with an automatic outline tool.

Make SEO briefs faster

Speed up your SEO research with an efficient brief generation feature.

Bulk scrape the SERP

Process hundreds of SERPs in one click and start gathering thousands of data points.

Group keywords into topic clusters

Cluster keywords at scale and define an effective content strategy levering SEO topic clusters.

Connect your apps with our SERP API

Integrate SERP data into your workflow and systems with a SERP API.

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Our Free SEO Tools

Browser our free SEO tool for content writing to help you optimize your website's content.

Website Comparison Tool

Compare two pages side by side and examine the differences in their content.

Website Word Counter

Count the words on any webpage with our free tool.

Website Text Extractor

Extract the main body text of any webpages.

Extract and download webpage images instantly. Check missing alt text.

Accelerate your brief process with a free ChatGPT assistant.

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